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Our thoughtfully curated product range creates an optimal environment for skin protection, rest and healing. The Evergreen offering is designed to excel in all patient care environments.

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Our surfaces blend the latest technology and thoughtful clinical design, tailored for modern healthcare's evolving demands, enhancing well-being for clinicians and clients alike.

“Challenges within the current healthcare environment have led to limited caregiving support in community and facility settings. In many cases, this has resulted in patient's increased time in bed further emphasizing the need for the selection of an appropriate surface to reduce skin risk and manage pressure injuries."

Kathy, Clinical Specialist for Evergreen

”We chose Evergreen for our facility as they have three surfaces to meet our residents needs. Evergreen products are designed by clinicians for facility use and have the same user experience across their line – this saves our team time."

Emma, DOC in Alberta

“Having my clients on an Evergreen surface gives me confidence they can rest comfortably and have the best chance to heal.”

Jennifer, OT for Island Health
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We collaborate with our clinicians and engineers to design best-in-class products that are intuitive to use, comfortable for clients and suitable for all patient care environments. We work with renowned Clinical Educators who help us effectively communicate the latest and most effective practices for skin protection and healing.

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Our products are prescribed across Canada, and are suitable for diverse settings including hospitals, long-term care facilities and private residences. Explore options for purchase, demo or rental. Inquire for US distribution.

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