About Us

Evergreen features its own range of clinically designed products, and also partners with premium manufacturers, serving as their representative for Western Canada. We are expanding our portfolio and warmly encourage other manufacturers to join us. This partnership will foster collaborative industry growth and enable us to provide a diverse selection of high-quality products.

Our Story

Some years back, during a hospital visit to see a family member, we were disheartened to discover they had developed pressure injuries. We couldn't help but question: how could this occur in the realm of 21st-century healthcare? A few months later a healthcare professional recommended a more suitable surface, which brought comfort and initiated the healing process for those pressure injuries. Witnessing the transformative effect of this product within our own family inspired us to embark on a new journey - trying to help others address the issue of pressure injuries within their own families.

Our Mission

At Evergreen, we believe health and comfort is paramount. Our mission is creating comfort and elevating quality of life through a curated product range that creates an ideal environment for skin protection, rest and healing.

Our Approach

We collaborate with our clinicians and engineers to design best-in-class products that are intuitive to use, comfortable for clients and suitable for all patient care environments. We work with renowned Clinical Educators who help us effectively communicate the latest and most effective practices for skin protection and healing.

Our Leadership Team

The Evergreen team is driven by a shared passion to deliver best-in-class products to our valued clients.

Eirini Polydora - Director of Product & Marketing
Eirini has led teams in close collaboration with senior marketers from renowned brands like Facebook, Microsoft, and Coca-Cola, helping them in cultivating communities and amplifying brand visibility. In her role as head of the Product & Marketing division, Eirini engages with clinicians and engineers to ensure that products seamlessly meet client needs. Beyond this, she champions the promotion of Evergreen and our partner brands, while leading our initiatives to establish meaningful connections with clinicians across Canada.

Jason Boscacci - Director of Partnerships & Strategy
Jason has held prominent positions in sales, marketing and product development leadership in both Europe and the US. His professional journey includes product and marketing collaborations with renowned brands such as Amazon, Apple, Chanel, Netflix, and Toyota. At present, Jason leads our Partnerships & Strategy division, where he is instrumental in curating partnerships and creating a product portfolio to meet the needs of clients in a variety of care settings.

Our Partners

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