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Evolve Foam Surface
The Evolve is a highly customizable surface designed for individualized care. Configure the top-layer based on client needs for pressure redistribution, firmness, temperature/humidity control, and mobility. Explore different possibilities with EverFoam, EverGel, and ROHO® Dry Flotation inserts— there are 81 unique configurations for personalized comfort and care.

Choose four separate top layer inserts to manage specific anatomical regions, optimizing pressure management and encouraging functionalmovement. Ideal for clients requiring ongoing adjustability, especially thosewith progressive conditions, or for facilities seeking customization fordifferent client needs.

Select from our range of inserts or alternative inserts, available for separate purchase:

- EverFoam insert: Find a balance of comfort and durability with our high-density polyurethane foam.

- EverGel insert: experience enhanced immersion and pressure redistribution with our breathable EverGel™ gel-infused memory foam. Promotes air flow and heat dissipation to enhance comfort.

- Alternative inserts: Compatible with alternative inserts, including ROHO® Dry Flotation inserts.

The Evolve features a high-density bottom layer for support and to optimize characteristics of the top-layer inserts, with 2.75’’ high-density foam lateral borders for stability and safety.

The RW86™ cover allows for stretch and flexibility to reduce interface pressure and protect the foam from the transfer of fluids. The cover is wipeable, easy-to-remove, machine washable and Made in the UK.

The Evolve and our inserts are Made in Canada.

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“Auto-Detect finds the optimal surface pressure for the client. This makes the set-up easy, and eliminates the need for constant monitoring by healthcare staff.”

Ashley, OT for Interior Health

”The Palm is our surface for residents at high risk of pressure injuries."

Julia, DOC in Alberta

“The Palm is just so quiet..."

Emily, OT for Fraser Health

Evolve Benefits

Higher-density foam

High-density foam will retain its original properties and provide the support and comfort it was originally designed to produce.

CertiPUR-US® & BioFLX™

CertiPur-US® certified means the foam in the EverFoam has been tested to meet rigorous standards for emissions, content, performance and durability. Our foam is made without ozone depleters and other harmful chemicals. Our BioFLX™ foam has same high comfort and performance with a smaller environmental footprint by replacing fossil fuel ingredients with natural seed-based oils. Our foams and cover meet CAL TB117-2013 for flammability.


Our RW86 cover offers stretch and flexibility to reduces interface pressure and help protect against fluid transfer. The cover is wipeable, easy-to-remove, machine washable and Made in the UK.

Evolve Specifications

Mattress Specifications

• Evolve surface: 36’’ x 80’’ x 6’’
• Fits inserts 3’’ x 19’’ x 30’’
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